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    Studies in Modern English


    Nataliia Lazebna & Dinesh Kumar (Eds.) | Würzburg, 2022 | ISBN 978-3-95826-198-3 | € 23,80

    Cover Studies in Modern English
    Nataliia Lazebna & Dinesh Kumar (Eds.) : Studies in Modern English. Am 12.12.2022 als Druckausgabe und kostenfreies E-Book erschienen.

    Erscheinungstermin:  12.12.2022
    Umfang:  VIII, 125 Seiten
    Format:  17 x 24 cm; Softcover
    Sprache:  Englisch
    ISBN Printausgabe:  978-3-95826-198-3
    Preis Printausgabe:  23,80 €

    The book "Studies in Modern English" interprets English-language communication in the humanitarian paradigm of knowledge within the linguistic and psycho-sociocultural study of speech activity prioritizing cognitive and communicative paradigms. Digital discourse as the formation of new semiotic phenomena has crowned the rapid scientific and technological progress. Researchers' scientific achievements represented in the book are systemic and valid in terms of evidence-based narratives, which reflect the transformational horizon of information theory, communication theory, and theory of linguodidactics in modern English verbal, creative and digital environments. The book represents an integrated approach to the study of modern English as an open synergetic system, which requires a description of the relationship between verbal and nonverbal notions in digital space. The book integrates such innovative perspectives as the interaction of natural English and programming languages, cyber aggression as a communicative pattern in English-language digital discourse, ethics, and democratization of modern English language, relevant developments in the field of English language as a Foreign Language, and other related issues. A complex focus of the book in the realm of modern English-language communication concerns verbal and nonverbal notions analyzed in the context of socio-cultural and digital communicative spaces.


    Cyber aggression in the stance of communicative approach
    Ievgeniia Chetvertak
    A Brief Historical and Present Perspective of ELT in India
    Dinesh Kumar
    Differences and Similarities between the Fields of Bilingualism
    and Second Language Acquisition

    Ana Kellen Ribeiro Weng, Plinio Marco De Toni
    The aphoristic potential of presidential rhetoric of G. Bush Jr.
    Elina Kushch
    English-language Digital Discourse of Human-Machine

    Nataliia Lazebna, Anatoliy Prykhodko
    English Language Variation: Creation of Zambian English

    Jive Lubbungu, Ireen Moonga , Audrey Muyuni, Samson Zimba
    The Relationship between Language, Culture, and Development
    of Society

    Kateryna Lut, Hanna Starenkova.
    ESL/EFL in Teaching and Learning Process
    Gladys G. Mangada
    Blended Learning in the New Normal: EFL Student and Teacher
    Perceptions and Reactions

    Md. Maniruzzaman
    Linguistic Democratization of the Modern English Language:
    Functional Parameters of English Youth Slang Neologisms

    Yuliya Shtaltovna
    A Case Study of the Basic Learners’ Struggles in Guessing from
    Context to Retain Words Learned

    Zuraina Ali


    Nataliia Lazebna, Privatdozent, Dr. Habil. TEFL Metodology Department, New Philological Institute, Julius-Maximilians University of Wuerzburg, Germany
    Dinesh Kumar, Assistant Professor of English at Dyal Singh College, Karnal (INDIA)

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    DOI: https://doi.org/10.25972/WUP-978-3-95826-199-0

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