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Global Cultural Studies?


Tobias Jetter (ed.) | Würzburg, 2023 | ISBN 978-3-95826-206-5 | € 27,80

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Erscheinungstermin: 03.05.2023
Umfang: viii,192 Seiten
Format: 17 x 24 cm; Softcover
Schriftenreihe/Band: JMU Cultural Studies / I
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN Printausgabe: 978-3-95826-206-5
Preis Printausgabe: 27,80 €

Can cultural studies attend to the problems of our globalized world? Or is this project of “engaged scholarship” too deeply rooted in the parochial terrain of the national? This collection of essays – the first volume in the new JMU Cultural Studies publication series – attends to this vital yet difficult question. Based on joint seminars bringing together emerging scholars from Germany and India, the contributions confront “classic texts” from US-American, British, and Indian cultural studies with the specific concerns and contemporary perspectives of the authors. The collection thus tests the potentials of the tradition to speak to the transnational as well as the national environments of the very present. Emphasis is placed on Marxist and feminist legacies, which are then projected into the domains of contemporary disability, food, and film studies.


Tobias Jetter, Zeno Ackermann,
MaryAnn Snyder-Körber
Series Foreword : JMU Cultural Studies –
Strategies for Struggling with the Obvious

Zeno Ackermann, MaryAnn Snyder-Körber
Introduction : Global Cultural Studies?
Tobias Jetter
Countercultures around the World:
A Postcolonial Reading of Paul Gilroy’s
The Black Atlantic

Abhilasha Roy
Cultural Studies as a Question of Stance
Louisa Koch
Rethinking the Culture of Education with
Raymond Williams

YS Sochuiwon Priscilla Khapai
Political and Cultural Negotiations with
Feminism in India: A Perspective

Adreeta Chakraborty
Women as Other? – Women and Other
Anne Heisters
Marxism and Contemporary Cultural Studies
Tushar Rishi
A New International
Adrian Döring
Food Cultures: Dynamics of Caste, Gender,
Religion, and Class in India

Western Constructions of Disability and Local
Systems of Knowledge: A Look at the
Problematic Aspects of Intercultural Work

Sophie Schönfeld
Female Suicidality and Its Cultural Aspects:
Watching the “Living Dead” in Deepa Mehta’s Water

Ridhi Chaturvedi
Rethinking Cultural Studies: From the Role of the
Intellectual to Transnational Feminism

Saskia Wohlfahrt
Strategies for Survival and Resources for Resistance
Sudeeti Geeta Mantraraj
Afterword : Engaged Scholarship in Practice; or: How
to Look Back into the Future

Tobias Jetter
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Tobias Jetter, recently completed his five-year teaching degree in English and History at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU). In addition to completing a thesis on the progressive potentials of nostalgia in popular culture, he has worked as a tutor and a student writing consultant at the same university, and as a schoolteacher outside of it. His research interests include the concrete political potentials of cultural studies in past, present, and future as well as queer theory, film analysis, and the study of nostalgia. He is a former participant of the seminar that served as the basis for this collection. This book is his first work as an editor.

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