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Neu erschienen: UI-, User-, & Usability-Oriented Engineering of Participative Knowledge-Based Systems


Martina Freiberg | Würzburg, 2015 | ISBN 978-3-95826-012-2 | € 29,80

Paperback, 214 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungstermin: 23.06.2015

Knowledge-based diagnosis or documentation systems are successfully applied in research projects and in industrial settings today. Often, their correct operation is critical ― e.g., considering medical diagnosis. Thus, an intuitively usable UI that supports potential users whilst minimizing the chances of faulty operation is a key requirement. Still, current research mostly focusses on knowledge formalization and reasoning whereas UI and usability aspects remain neglected. This book deals particularly with those latter aspects by proposing a more encompassing development methodology. Based thereupon, a foundational collection of UI-centered patterns is specified. For practical support, further a tailored tool that supports the development paradigm and the patterns in a hands-on manner is provided.

Martina Freiberg, geboren 1981 in Bad Brückenau, Dipl. Informatikerin

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